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In Autumn of 2004, Borba Margo was created through the creative collaboration of Anderson Borba Da Silva and Jessika Margo Goransson. It started as a woman's wear clothing line but soon Borba Margo changed their focus to accessories. Being a woman's clothing line first, they are conscious in the woman's body while designing their accessories. Then fusing some techniques used in garment making, their designs were considered fresh and innovative.

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101 E Mare St Studios 203-213 Mare Street LONDON E8 3QE UK
T: +44 208 510 9685
C: +44 778250 7428 info@borbamargo

The Collaborators

The Swedish-Polish Jessika Margo Goransson left Sweden in 1997 and took BA Hons in Fashion at London's Middlesex University. She later enrolled at the London's College of Fashion. She also had worked in the costume department for theater and film.

Brazilian-born Anderson Borba Da Silva moved to London in 1995. Mostly self-taught, he later honed his skills by being employed by the Minister of Defense as a tailor for the Royal Guards.